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Vital Stim Therapy

Vital Stim Therapy

What is Vital Stim Therapy ?

VitalStim Therapy is a completely new, breakthrough therapeutic intervention for use in the treatment of dysphagia (swallowing disorders). It is a specialized form of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), specifically designed to treat dysphagia. NMES has a proven, long-term track-record in a wide variety of therapeutic and rehabilitative settings.

VitalStim (Vital stim) is a therapy System that is safe and effective treatment for patients suffering with difficulty swallowing.  VitalStim therapy was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2001 for the treatment of dysphagia through the application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation to cervical swallowing muscles. This approval was based upon submission of data on more than 800 patients who received this therapy collected by the principal developer and patent-holder of the device. The therapy is marketed as successful in restoring long-term swallowing function in 97.5% of dysphagic patients past the point of requiring a feeding tube and as significantly better than existing therapies.

How Vital Stim works:?

VitalStim retrains the muscles needed to complete  the swallowing process through specially designed electrodes that are attached to the patient’s neck. A small current stimulates motor nerves, causing the muscles in the neck to contract for improved swallowing. Repeated therapy helps to gradually retrain the muscle groups to complete the swallowing process.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists at SVS either are certified in Vital Stim Therapy or in the processes of completing their certification.


Our Speech-Language Pathologist Mohamed A. Mohamed is well experienced in this kind of treatment since 2005 and used Vital Stim therapy with variety of patients in USA and in Canada as well.

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